Labour of Love

This is Djala; resuced, raised and then returned to the Gabonese forests. Photography by Tim Flach.

Added on 24.07.2017
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Djala, a western lowland gorilla, was initially photographed by Tim at an English reserve run by the Aspinall Foundation. He was rescued from the Gabon in the 1980’s as an infant, having seen his entire family killed by poachers. After 30 years he was taken home to the Gaboneses forests with his new family. His health improved in the wild. The rescue and reintroduction of gorillas is enormously expensive, and some conservationists have criticised Aspinall for misdirecting resources. Funds could be used more effeciently to defend critically endangered wild gorillas from poaching, habitat destruction and disease, but truly, the Aspinall Foundation embodies our humanity in conservation, seeing no alternatives to saving an orphan from starvation.